What do we do ? 3 solutions

We are auditing mobile telecom operator investments efficiency. The investments can be already underway or planned. We deliver a quarterly comprehensive investment efficiency report highlighting savings, revenues to be captured and upgrade lists. Our audit reports allow significant CapEx reduction, ROI maximization and efficient investments. The reports include the comprehensive list of upgrades to anticipate and suppress congestion. They also identify hidden capacity for suppression, provide opportunities to generate new revenues and provide information to balance the traffics between technologies. We can also simulate and analyze any marketing offers, any technology and feature introduction impacting the network capacity


with our SAAS online tool, we initiate the service and make the updates, you generate your optimized CapEx investment reports via our SAAS web solution, via a monthly subscription;



with a permanent license or B.O.T model, you have full access to carry out all simulations, analysis and reporting tasks.