Principle of Kappa-RAN

Unique & innovative dimensioning tools and services. We carry out capacity stochastic modeling of all mobile Radio Access Network elements : BTS, NodeB and eNodeB. Using proprietary algorithms, Kappa offers an innovative capacity dimensioning tool. We specialize in modelling the capacity of all telecom elements.

We also predict voice, data and signalling traffic. We calculate and plan the utilization of mobile networks to maximize any company investments. We can audit an existing architecture, as well as planned investments and confirm their efficiency levels. Our proprietary tool automates complex calculations withdrawing or adding capacity, link by link, board by board. With Kappa suite, we model the traffic propagation effects throughout your entire network. With Kappa, you will now know where and how much to invest, and on which date, with an unprecedented accuracy. We cover all the technologies 2G, 3G and 4G for the most deployed vendors Huawei, NSN, Ericsson, ZTE and Allu

Principle of Kappa-RAN

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Key Features

  • Evaluate traffic growth impact on network capacity and performance
  • Suppress over-dimensioning of elements by efficient capacity planning
  • Enhance network performances including GoS and QoS through optimal investments
  • Optimize resource utilization
  • Simulate various GoS and QoS and calculate the needed capacity expansion
  • Simulate impacts of new technology introduction (3G or 4G), new feature, new marketing offers


  • Optimize mobile networks management
  • Automate the capacity planning process
  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx through optimal network design and resource allocation
  • Give precise and useful technical outputs for installation works
  • Alleviate the work ordering process
  • Provide detailed network inventory
  • Enhance Staff productivity

Reduce your CapEx, maximize your ROI and your investments efficiency. Kappa-RAN anticipates and suppress congestion, discovers suppresses hidden capacity, provides new revenues opportunities and balance the traffics between technologies. Kappa modules simulate any marketing offers, any technology and feature introduction impacts on your network capacity

Kappa-RAN is an end to end module modeling the capacity of the RAN network via an innovative stochastic engine. Kappa-RAN automatically calculates the needed expansion based on your defined target QoS, GoS and traffics growths. Kappa modules predict voice, data and signaling traffics to anticipate the traffic of each network element over the next 12 months. This is done on a cell by cell basis with complex prediction algorithm and Capex remains strictly controlled. We cover NSN, Huawei, Ericsson, Allu, ZTE, in 2G, 3G and 4G elements (BTS, NodeB, eNodeB) capacity dimensioning.…

We offer solutions to the following challenges:
  • Low returns from CapEx investment
  • Network saturation
  • Poor user throughputs
  • Identify unnecessary over dimensioning
  • Very high end to end upgrade costs
  • How to capture incremental revenue by increasing network capacity
  • Resolving imbalance of traffic distributions between    layers and technologies
  • Improving data performance (increase throughput)
  • Impact analysis of network capacity, driven by new marketing offers.

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