Our mission

KAPPA modules are intended to reduce CapEx, maximize ROI and investments efficiency. KAPPA anticipate and suppress congestion, discover and suppress hidden capacity, provide new revenues opportunities and balance the traffics between technologies. KAPPA modules simulate any marketing offers, any technology and feature introduction impacts on your network capacity. KAPPA software provide both unique simulation techniques and powerful network optimization algorithms in an integrated workbench for the radio access (RAN), the middle (MN) and the core Networks (CN). KAPPA is currently comprised of three main products: KAPPA-RAN, KAPPA-MN and KAPPA-CN.

Latest achievements

  • Operator 1 Annual CapEx budget reduction (ACBR) above 30%
  • Operator 2 ACBR above 20%, captured additional annual revenues (CAAR) > € 50M
  • Operator 3 ACBR above 31%, CAAR > € 6M, target throughput per user >100kbps reached with no CapEx
  • Operator 4 ACBR 35%, CAAR > 210K€

Observed maximum benefits

CapEx reduction
Hidden capacity
Generating additionnal revenues
Technologies layers management

Our partners

They are distributors like Lillybelle, excellence centers like ESMT and private companies like E2E specializing in capacity modeling, performances and data mining. But also the french state, the region Midi Pyrenees, the BPI (state bank for investments), the FRPI (Regional fund for innovation) and the Reseau Entreprendre are our partners.

Bpi France
Caisse desDépôts
Région Midi-Pyréneéz

Our team


CEO – Chief Executive Officer


Has twenty years in the mobile Telecom industry. He is graduated from University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, the National Institute of Telecom Paris and from the Cambridge University. His experience started in 1994, as RF engineer, deploying GSM – DCS – PCS – Iden networks, then CDMA and UMTS networks. Since then, Olivier has been heading several optimisation and QoS programs, as well as equipment swaps, operators transition and transformation programs. He worked with Nortel, Alcatel, Ericsson and Huawei equipment and for major Telecom operators Orange, AT&T, Vodafone, Cable & Wireless, Sprint, etc…

Based on his experience, he developed a passion for mobile networks capacity modelling and traffic prediction. He started in 2008, when Cable & Wireless International CEO and CFO were looking into linking traffic to CAPEX expenditure. The main objective of this research was to control the investments impacts results, ensure the network efficiency and maximise the network utilisation. Since then he has been pursuing, with the Telcap teams, the design of the most advanced and innovative tool in traffic prediction and capacity modelling.  The CAPEX reduction tool is now available for the most demanding operators.


COO – Chief Operating Officer,

Valdas Bieliauskas, 

Has nearly 20 years spent in telecommunications industry. He graduated Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania and since then was instrumental in various RF Engineering projects worldwide consulting companies like Nortel Networks, Lucent-Alcatel, Nokia, AT&T, Orange, Bell Canada, O2 just to name a few. He successfully established and managed several Telecom and non-Telecom companies that includes software development and RF engineering service. Besides Valdas’ professional knowledge of Mobile RF Network Engineering his main area of focus is business operations, logistics and human resource management


CSMO – Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Philip Cannis

Has eighteen years in the international telecommunications sector with several years in global software sales management. His experience with systems includes: Budget management systems, Business Intelligence, Network Quality Analysis, voice management systems, billing systems, roaming systems, subscriber analytics & commercial management tools. He brings global sales management experience and familiarity with the evolving trends, technologies and mobile operator requirements.