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Telcap is a spin-Off company offering a consistent software suite called KAPPA. Our solution KAPPA is the first innovative solution addressing the dimensioning of telecom networks from a network end to end prospective based on real traffic & customers. KAPPA was recognized in 2015 innovative in Telecom technology and was awarded innovation prices from the French state and the region Midi Pyrenees. It benefits from the support & partnership of French National Technological & Economical Platforms (PFL).

Observed maximum benefits

CapEx reduction
Hidden capacity
Generating additionnal revenues
Technologies layers management

Kappa Solution Package


for the Radio Access Network capacity dimensioning


for the Middle Network capacity dimensioning


for the CoreNetwork capacity dimensioning

Our specialization

Mobile telecom operators must integrate new simulation and planning tools for the management and the design of large scale complex telecommunication infrastructures. Kappa contributes to significant CapEx and OpEx savings, and provides the ability to launch new products and services in a CapEx controlled fashion, whilst minimizing the risk of compromising the end customer experience.

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We audit all your investments already underway or planned, and we deliver a quarterly comprehensive investment report highlighting savings, revenues to be captured and upgrade lists


With our SAAS solution, you access our online tool. We initiate the service and we make the updates. With the prediciton tools you have the trafic evolution, you can simulate various CapEx scenarios with different GoS and QoS. You generate your optimized investment reports via our SAAS web solution, via a monthly subscription


It is the traditional installation of our solution on your servers. We install the software and we initiate the service. It can done on a virtual server. You have a perpetual license and you perform the updates of your mobile network. The following years, there is an renewable annual maintenance/upgrade/support fee

THE BOT (Build Operate Transfer)

This is the same package as the licence, plus the provisioning of on-site and remote experts during a certain duration to start the service, perform the production of simulation and analysis, provide on-the-job tool training and knowledge transfer;

The Solution for your bussiness is Kappa

We will build a solution, you’ll be proud of

Our partners

They are distributors, excellence centers and private companies specializing in capacity modeling

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